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Elevate your football photography with our collection of 21 Football Lightroom Presets! Our presets add a vibrant, harsh, and sporty touch to your images, featuring captivating themes like Football Style, Tough Mood, Bright, Saturated, Moody, Workout, Warm, and Dark. Perfect for Soccer photos, Sports photography, Grass Athletic Field shots, and Outdoor pictures, these Desktop and Mobile Lightroom presets give your football images a fierce and competitive atmosphere. Easily install these user-friendly filters using the provided XMP and DNG files. Transform your creative work today with our Football Lightroom Presets!

21 Desktop Lightroom Presets (XMP)
21 Mobile Lightroom Presets (DNG)


How To Import ACR Presets in Lightroom

How To Import Dng File Into Mobile Lightroom


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